Asbestos Siding

Asbestos siding has been widely applied in commercial spaces and residential areas at the beginning of the 1930’s up until the 1970’s. The roofing shingles were appreciated by a lot of consumers since it was resistant to fire. The roofing shingles are actually composed of fibrous minerals that enhanced durability. In the case of emergencies, the tenants are assured that their properties are protected. However, after how many years, the construction material was banned.

Asbestos Siding.png

Asbestos siding was prohibited due to the reason that when damaged, it can become airborne. The roofing shingles will release strands that are very much hazardous to the health. It should be alarming for residents and immediately take action when the construction material is about to break. Even with the fact that the perilous effect will not happen right away, still, there should be no reason to be negligent before worst advances to worst.

Leave the asbestos siding all alone when it is in perfect state. Do not ever attempt because it may only be the very reason for the roofing shingles to release filaments that will endanger not just your life but even those that are around you if you are planning to make further enhancements. When you cut or saw the construction material, there is a significant probability for treacherous conditions that can even lead to cancer.

When asbestos siding actually requires a patch- up, just cover and seal it. Covering is also identified as enclosure where you only have to place anything above or around just for the roofing shingles not to be exposed. The most common alternative is only taking off the aluminium border. Sealing is also recognized as encapsulation where the construction material is treated with a bonding agent that will prevent the tiny grits to spread its force.

Call a professional who is an expert in handling asbestos in Geelong region when major renovations are required.


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